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units enable you to expand your network using the existing electrical wiring within your home. The data travels from one HomePlug to another. No drivers required, operating system independent. Plug any Ethernet device into the HomePlug and away you go - High speed reliable networking.

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Can I use 14Mb, 85Mb 200mb & 1000mb Homeplugs together ?

Basically you can use 14Mb and 85Mb together (subject to them being homeplug 1.0 standard - which most makes are). It is not possible to use 200mb & 1000Mb to connect to a 85mb or 14mb as the technology is different - however the plugs we sell can work on the same electrical supply - so you can have two seperate homeplug circuits. (be aware other manufacturers and makes of 200's do not work with each other as there are different standards and indeed some will interfere with the 85's and 14's units)

Would HomePlugs work on different mains circuits (rings) in my house ?

There is mis-information about this subject on the web - the answer is Yes - limitations are as follows - the rings or circuits (such as upstairs and downstairs) mains must be on the same fuse box / consumer box. - if you have other configurations just call and we will do our best to advise.

Can I use HomePlugs between a house and an out-building/office ?

In most cases the answer is no - this is because the homeplug signal deteriorates through consumer/fuse boxes and in the case above multiple boxes are in use. We have had some customers where it has worked - it maybe worth calling us to discuss your particular needs.

How do I setup BT / Wanadoo / Demon / Tiscali / Virgin / and other ISPs with HomePlug technology ?

We provide kits FLAkit1/2 for this situation (see other docs to setup) or if you already have a suitable router just add one HomePlug at the router end and one for each PC. The standard USB modem provided free by many ISPs is not HomePlug compatible* so you would normally replace this for a Router Modem. note* it is possible to use the USB modem in a Windows Internet share setup with HomePlug, but it is not the ideal configuration. Tiscali's MTU is 1500

How do I setup NTL / Telewest / Cable with HomePlug technology?

We provide a kit Flakit3/4, which has all the necessary parts to convert your existing cable router to HomePlug technology.

How do I setup AOL with HomePlug technology?

To use HomePlug with AOL you need to replace your AOL modem with an AOL compatible ADSL router. AOL uses a special way to communicate through a network so you need a certain model of router. We provide two kits FLA_AOl1/2 to enable sharing of AOL with homeplug. Note the MTU value of AOL is 1400 not 1458 as with BT. Tiscali's MTU is 1500

What do I need on my PC to make HomePlug work?

Your PC must be compatible with Internet access and have a LAN / Ethernet Port.

How do I connect a router with a LAN Socket to my Computer - it only has USB’s?

Install a LAN card or select a suitable adaptor from our accessories section in the website.

I already have a router with 2 or more ports will HomePlug work?

Yes connect one HomePlug to the Router and one HomePlug to each PC in the house.

Do I need to put a HomePlug into the router for each of my computers?

No only one HomePlug is needed at the router end.

How fast is 14Mbps and 85Mbps in Mega Byte per second

approx 1.75 MBytes for 14Mbps and 10.6 MBytes for 85Mbps

Note ADSL and Cable connections are provided in Mbps, NOT Mega Bytes per second:
Here are some examples of ADSL to Bytes per seconds
Half Meg 512 connection = 64KBytes
One Meg 1024 connection = 128KBytes
Two Meg 2048 connection = 256KBytes
Four Meg 4096 connection = 512KBytes
Ten Meg 10240 connection = 1280KBytes

How many HomePlugs can I use at home or in the Office?

We have tested six without any problems, technically 10 is probably the limit due to throughput in theory up to 254 could be used.

I have an Apple Mac, will HomePlug work properly?

Yes HomePlug works on most Apple Macs without using any software you just set the Mac to TCP/IP Internet the software supplied is not Mac compatible.

I see software is provided with HomePlug how do I use it?

The software allows transmission checks and adjustment of network names (encryption). Software drivers are not required for HomePlug the units are plug and play.

Is HomePlug secure?

Yes it is preset with its own 56bit or 128bit encryption system to protect your data.

Can I use my Xbox / Xbox 360 on HomePlug?

Yes remember to sign up for the service with XBOX Live

Fix: Xbox doesn't work with Windows Media Centre when connected by Homeplug.

We are grateful to Mr Morton for tracking down this fix for the problem.
The Homeplug works with IGMP V2 - windows extender uses IGMP V3 you need to modify the windows registry and set the Media Centre to IGMP V2.
please see the following link on how to modify the registry.

How does HomePlug work?

Take a look at the chipset designer Intellon click here

Can I use my Play Station 2 (PS2) & Play Station 3 (PS3) with HomePlug?

Yes you will need a network adapter available from Sony for the PS2 see Amazon or another online retailer for th adaptor - PS3 will work without the adaptor

What stops HomePlug from working?

Avoid surge protected / Filtered mains extension blocks as these block the HomePlug signal. Long extension leads will degrade the signal so it is best practice to plug the HomePlug directly into a wall socket

What about warranty?

All our products come with a years return to base warranty.

I need more help or have other questions.

We are always pleased to help call 01702 299919 or email your question to

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